Our Team has extensive experience in Nature Conservation and Landscape Planning, especially in Natura 2000-Assessments, Environmental Assessments and Impact/Compensation Concepts as well as biotope mapping and fauna assessments in accordance with German and European Regulations.

Our name represents the image of the global ash tree Yggdrasil described in nordic mythology, which offers living space as well as protection and comfort to all creatures.

This symbol matches our holistic understanding of nature protection in landscape planning. Meeting the demands of both Nature and Humanity is our concern.

For the best possible solution our interdisciplinary team of experienced and qualified experts is assisted by specialists, who are long-term partners.

YGGDRASILDiemer emanated from YGGDRASIL – Bureaux for Geology, Environmental and Landscape Planning, founded in 1996.

Ecology · Conservation ·
Landscape Planning

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